The Gardens’ Composting Area

16 נוב

This is where we transform trash into gold!

Compost is a nutrient-rich fertilizer made from organic waste (plant clippings, food scraps, etc.), broken down by oxygen-breathing insects and bacteria.

Instead of sending organic waste off to landfills to be buried forever, this simple process can turn it into an important resource, which can be returned to the earth. Landfill disposal damages soil, groundwater, air quality, and the landscape.

How can you help the process and get the best possible compost?

–   Keep the compost pile aerated

–   Keep the compost pile moist

–   Keep the right balance between dry and wet materials

Here in the Gardens:

Our gardeners and volunteers separate gardening waste, and collect it here. In this area, this waste is turned into compost, and instead of being discarded, can return to the Gardens’ soil nourishing the plants around you.

What can you do at home?

You too can make compost at home from your food scraps! Join thousands of families in Israel who already separate organic waste and cut their household trash output by 40%, help protect the environment, and create compost for their household plants and gardens! For more information:

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