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Acacia are a genera of trees and shrubs with some 1,200 individual species, mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions. Acacia are extremely resilient plants, and are very typical of savanna and desert landscapes. Acacia provide shade, shelter, nesting areas, and nourishment to countless animals, and so is a keystone species in its habitats. Most acacia have white or yellow flowers arrange in puff-ball inflorescences. The fruit grows in elongated, spiny pods, which give the genera its name (Acacia meaning ‘spiny’ in Greek).

Many acacia species are used as water-saving ornamentals and utility plants. The tree’s sap has medicinal properties, and is used in perfumes, rubbers, glues, and paints.

Here in the Gardens:

The Gardens are home to 14 Acacia species. This is Acacia sieberiana, and one of the largest and most striking of its kind in Israel. This tree makes a good ornamental, planted in full sun and in all soil types.

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