outdoor training activities

05 Jul

An experiential and challenging day of ODT activities at the Gardens. This offers tasks and exercises aimed at enabling groups and individuals to discover the sources of their energy, to bond as a group, and to develop personal and group abilities. The activity contributes towards better communication, open thingking, creativity, leadership and decision-making skills, and encourages constructive cooperation between the participants.

Professional leader: Daniel Fine, a businessman and graduate in ODT guidance from the Wingate Institute. 


Enigma Activity at the Gardens

Huge and challenging thinking games challenge the mind…These activities are suitable for a teambuilding and development day. The activity combines enjoyment with creative thinking, team work, and problem-solving and allows participants to get to know themselves afresh! A wide variety of games is available.

* Up to 80 people in two rounds.

Getting sporty at the Gardens

Sport facilities such as a climbing wall, ladders, ball games and more are spread out around the Gardens. The day is built on challenging but enjoyable sporting competitions and combines content with challenge and teambuilding.


To book ODT activities, please call 073-2438914.

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