Women’s Day

05 Jul


 Experiential workshop for women – Harness your energy and get in sync with nature!

Nature provides plenty of inspiration for feminine development: Mother Earth, the creative woman, the nurturing partner….Get in touch with your feminine energy and explore how you can use this as a tool to cope with life's challenges.  Workshop leaders are: Yula, a personal coach, philosophical and spiritual guide, and Adler Institute qualified group leader; Michal, an Adler Institute qualified personal and group coach with a degree in  behavioral sciences.

Tour of Medicinal Plants  

Lead by Aloma Gelzer-Dotan, a natural dietician and expert in medicinal plants and Bach remedies, this tour includes preparation of tea sachets and scented sachets from different plants. *For groups of up to 50 women in turns. The activity lasts around 90 minutes.

Ikebana workshop

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese method of flower arranging, which is based on principles of simplicity and esthetics. Teacher: Rivka Levi.

Flower arranging  

A lesson in general flower arranging, color matching, sensitivity to location, etc. Each participant will arrange his/her own floral creation. Duration: Approx 90 minutes.

Tai Chi workshop: Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, this soft and gentle martial art helps to balance the body, improve coordination, concentration and awareness, and deal with a wide range of medical problems. Exercises do not require any particular physical effort or strength. The workshop lasts around one hour.


To book, please call 073-2438914

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