The World of Plants – Magic Before Your Eyes

09 Apr

Why is there such a large variety of plant life throughout the world? How to plants “wander” from one place to another? How does each plant, flower, and bush acclimate itself to its unique surroundings – climate, soils, and environment? How does man’s presence affect the plants and environment?

The Botanical Gardens invite students to take part in this unique, intriguing activity, where they will research in-depth various topics regarding the world of plants. Together we will experiment to show developmental stages and understand how plants influence their environment – and how their environment influence them. We will ask ourselves about interactions between water, soil, light, and air, and how they affect plants in different parts of the world. Through this activity, the children learn about the role they play in preserving the environment and how they can perform those duties at school. Getting to know the plants directly brings the children closer to the world of botany, nature, and the environment, creating a connection out of a greater understanding and a desire to preserve the environment.

We will tour the gardens riding the Flower Train, with a creative workshop as our final destination. Each child will go home with a special souvenir they make on their own.

Values discussed at this workshop include:

Environmental preservation

Connection to and awareness of nature

Team work

Sensitivity to the needs of others

This activity is included in the Jerusalem Advantage program.