annual botanical gardens bonsai award and conference

01 Jun

Annual Botanical Gardens Bonsai Award and Conference


We're pleased to announce the opening of the annual bonsai exhibition on Friday, June 13  from 11.00. The exhibition will be open from June 13-21. It will take place within the exhibition hall at the popular First Station complex off the Hebron Road in Jerusalem.

Come and enjoy:

Examples of the best bonsai from all over Israel

A cash prize for the best bonsai

Demonstration by two of the world's leading bonsai artists

Unique cooperastion with industrial designers

As a form of sculpture that uses live trees, and because of the nature of work with plant material that is constantly developing,  bonsai has been described as "sculpture in four dimensions." The artistic process lasts for years. The annual bonsai conference and Botanical Gardens' bonsai prize are among the most important events on the Israeli bonsai calendar. They allow Israeli artists to exhibit their work to the general public, and to enjoy international exposure, thanks to the presence as judges of some of the leading bonsai artists in the world. The exhibition will take place within the Gardens' visitors' center and will provide a rare opportunity to see some of f Israel's best bonsai trees under the same roof.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.


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