Weekend Riddle, 13.9.2019

15 Sep

Weekend Riddle: in the picture you can see Ornithogalum Saundersiae, a beautiful ornamental flower from South Africa that blooms at the end of summer. can you tell us what are the …

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Weekend Riddle, 26.7.2019

28 Jul

Weekend Riddle:  Dovyalis caffra trees in the South Africa section are laden with fruit. The fruit on the trees are unripe, and they are shed from the tree just as …

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Come see in our garden, December 2018

05 Dec
December is here, and we're hoping for rains to come. In the garden, you can feel the changes from Autumn to Winter – in the Fall colors, in the blooming ...

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English lecture in February

04 Feb
A lecture by Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir, Scientific Director of the Gardens: Botanical Paradise of South Jordan   Thursday, February 15th, 12:00, at the upper lecture room

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African Nights Experience – July & August

11 Jul
Come and experience Africa, right here in Jerusalem! Kai from the Masai tribe and Lulu from the Zulu tribe – an African prince and princess embark on an adventure and ...

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Family Gardening

14 Apr

The whole family is invited to learn how to plan, set up and cultivate your own home garden – in a backyard or on a balcony ** please note the …

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February- March Activities

17 Feb
The Gardens runs open and pre-booked monthly events. The list for February and March includes botanical tours, walking tours, lectures and family fun activities in Hebrew, English and Russian. Know ...

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