Weekend Riddle, 11.10.19

13 Oct

Weekend Riddle: Before you are 4 plants that grow in Israel: Silybum marianum, Anemone coronaria, Tragopogon coelesyriacus and Periploca aphylla. All four bloomed in the spring. what do they have in common?

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Come see in our garden, October 2019

10 Oct
The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting milder – this is a wonderful time to tour the garden, see the seasons change and enjoy the autumn flowers. ...

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Weekend Riddle, 4.10.2019

06 Oct

Weekend Riddle: In the picture you can see Madagascan Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes madagascariensis) – a carnivorous plant. why must the Pitcher Plant be carnivorous and digest insects, unlike many other …

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Weekend Riddle, 20.9.2019

22 Sep
 in the picture you can see the magnificent flowers of Pancratium maritimum. The Pancratium has big white flowers with intense fragrance. and our riddle is: why does the Pancratium maritimum ...

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Come see in our garden, September 2019

08 Sep
Most of the summer has passed, but the heat is still on. Flowering is scarce yet very special, and there is plenty to see in the garden. The recommended hours ...

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Tropical Conservatory Closed for Refurbishment

12 Feb

The tropical conservatory is closed for refurbishment. Reopening is expected next winter.

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Changes in Entry Gates

26 Oct

Entry to the Garden on all days of the week is through the lower entrance. Nayot gate next to the Supermarket is permanently closed.  

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