Weekend Riddle, 24.1.20

26 Jan

Weekend Riddle: We added leaves of a wildflower to our vegetables salad. Can you tell which wildflower is it?

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Weekend Riddle, 17.1.20

19 Jan

Weekend Riddle: Today we’re looking at the Cacao plant in the Tropical conservatory, the plant that produces Cacao beans. Its botanical name is Theobroma cacao, which means: the food of the …

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Come see in our garden, January 2020

27 Dec
Winter is finally here, rains are pouring down. The temperatures in Jerusalem have dropped significantly, and there is even hope for snow. Even in these cold conditions, the garden is ...

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Changes in Entry Gates

26 Oct

Entry to the Garden on all days of the week is through the lower entrance. Nayot gate next to the Supermarket is permanently closed.  

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