Weekend Riddle, 9.8.2019

11 Aug

Weekend Riddle: In the picture you can see the leaves of 4 trees from our area. can you tell their names, and what do they have in common?

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Weekend Riddle, 2.8.2019

04 Aug

Weekend Riddle:  What fruit did we picture in Baku’s market at Azerbaijan?

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Weekend Riddle, 26.7.2019

28 Jul

Weekend Riddle:  Dovyalis caffra trees in the South Africa section are laden with fruit. The fruit on the trees are unripe, and they are shed from the tree just as …

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Weekend Riddle, 19.7.2019

21 Jul

Weekend Riddle: Summer is here and the heat is on. Most of the flowers have withered and disappeared. But despite the heat in this time, our ponds and natural wetlands …

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Weekend Riddle, 12.7.2019

14 Jul

Weekend Riddle: whose fruit is in the picture?

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Weekend Riddle, 5.7.2019

07 Jul

Weekend Riddle: Who am I, from the Southern shores of the Caspian sea, in Iran? which Israeli tree am I close to? what constitutes most of my inflorescence?

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