Weekend Riddle, 24.1.20

26 Jan

Weekend Riddle: We added leaves of a wildflower to our vegetables salad. Can you tell which wildflower is it?

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Weekend Riddle, 17.1.20

19 Jan

Weekend Riddle: Today we’re looking at the Cacao plant in the Tropical conservatory, the plant that produces Cacao beans. Its botanical name is Theobroma cacao, which means: the food of the …

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Weekend Riddle, 10.1.20

12 Jan

Weekend Riddle: Arabian Coffee (Cafe arabica) is growing in the garden’s tropical conservatory. the coffee drink is made from its seeds. in the picture you can see the plant (on …

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Weekend Riddle, 3.1.20

05 Jan

Weekend Riddle: True Cinnamon – Cinnamomum verum‏ – is growing in the garden’s tropical conservatory. The Cinnamon spice is produced from the bark of this tree. The Cinnamon is mentioned in the …

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Weekend Riddle, 27.12.19

29 Dec

Weekend Riddle: The South-East Brazilian cactus Pilosocereus azureus is growing in the desert section of the Tropical Conservatory. Can you name 3 ways in which this cactus is adapted to the heat …

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Weekend Riddle, 20.12.19

22 Dec

Weekend Riddle: Astragalus sparsus is currently blooming in the garden’s conservatory. This is an endangered species from the Eilat area, where the annual rainfall is only 16-20mm. How does this plant …

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Weekend Riddle, 13.12.19

15 Dec

Weekend Riddle: Narcissus tazetta flowers are blooming these days in the desert, near Dimona. How did this Mediterranean plant arrive to the desert? How does it survive there?

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Weekend Riddle, 6.12.19

09 Dec

Weekend Riddle: Colchicum tuviae is blooming these days in nature as well as in the Botanical Gardens. Who is she named after, and what is special in its flower?

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Weekend Riddle, 29.11.19

01 Dec

Weekend Riddle: This week we continue to look at the Phalaenopsis orchids in the conservatory, and we’ll focus on the leaves: note, that the Phalaenopsis has thick and rigid leaves, almost succulent. They …

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Weekend Riddle, 22.11.19

24 Nov

Weekend Riddle: The Garden’s Tropical Conservatory is open to the public daily at 10:00-15:30, Visit us and enjoy a unique and exciting botanical display! Today we are in the tropical zone where …

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