18 Aug

The new Bonsai Exhibit is now open for tours!


The Bonsai exhibit has been given a major physical and conceptual facelift, thanks to a gift from the Japanese Agon Shu. The new exhibit includes a path that winds between the Japanese cherry trees, a symbolic stone and water display and a greenhouse for exhibiting cold-sensitive trees and providing space for bonsai workshops.



Bonsai is an art form that creates sculptures using living trees. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens are proud to be the driving force behind the promotion of this art form in Israel. In addition to our permanent collection, the Gardens have established the largest Bonsai school in Israel, and hold an annual international Bonsai exhibition and competition in the early summer.


Our collection

The Gardens are proud to have one of the oldest and most varied Bonsai collections in Israel. The collection, which includes some 300 trees, was donated by Haim Sheer and Raphael Shemi, both pioneers of the art of Bonsai in this country. Today, the Bonsai collection is the focus for research and development of new botanical techniques which will hopefully contribute to the rescue and preservation of wild trees.



The Bonsai School and Studio

The Bonsai School is today the largest and most dynamic of its kind in the country. The school provides an introductory  course in the art of Bonsai to equip beginners with the theoretical and practical knowledge that they will need in order to take their first steps with a Bonsai tree. Since the first course in 2010,  the School has produced tens of graduates, many of whom are still active in Bonsai today.

The Bonsai Studio provides continuing studies for those who have completed the introductory course. It encourages  beginning and advanced artists alike to sharpen and develop their skills, while also offering services and advice to individuals with their own Bonsai collections.


The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens' Annual Bonsai Prize and International Conference

This unique event was established to advance excellence in the field of Bonsai in Israel and to give artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and even to gain recognition from international Bonsai artists from overseas. The event includes a week-long exhibition featuring the best works by the best artists in Israel, tours of the exhibition, demonstrations and lectures by leading Bonsai artists from abroad, demonstrations and explanations for the general public and cash prizes for the best competition entries.

Since the first event in 2011, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens' Annual Bonsai Prize and International Conference has become the main event in the field nationwide. The exhibition itself is now regarded as the annual national exhibit of Bonsai art.




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