Flora of the Holy Land Additional Details for Affiliate Partners

25 May

What is an affiliate partner?

The idea of affiliate marketing is that an affiliate (in this case a botanical garden, synagogue, church or environmental organization) markets or sells a product for a retailer (in this case the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens) and earns a percentage of the profit on sales.

Our model, however, goes much further than that. It is intended to enable all of us to develop relationships with new potential visitors and friends and to design programs to attract them to our gardens.

Affilates will market the course to potential students for the price of $199, via their internet sites and any other means they choose.

They themselves will receive the course free of charge.

How does the system work?

The affiliate creates a page on the organization's website and advertises the course, asking those interested to click to receive more information. It may market the course more actively too.

Once a potential student has clicked for further information, a three-line form is automatically sent to his/her email address. Once he/she fills in name, address and email address, a sample newsletter automatically goes out. This contains a link to a sample lecture (which is free), an example of additional information (eg a video clip), an image of the graduating certificate, a place to register and pay, and a link to activities at the affiliate organization

Once registration is complete and paid for (via Paypal), a series of e-newsletters starts to go out to the student. Each weekly newsletter contains a link to the next lecture, supplementary materials (such as video clips), and material intended to interest the student in what's going on at the affiliate organization.  

A total of ten newsletters go out – which means the affiliate organization has ten opportunities to advertise! The organization also receives the email addresses of all those who have expressed interest in the course thanks to its efforts. 

Affiliates will receive 25% of the profits on each course they sell.

Affiliates may wish to subcontract marketing and sales to a third party, in which case compensation rates will change.

Affiliates will be expected to provide students with at least two free events at their organization during the course (eg lectures or tours).


Minimum requirements for running the course:

* Flash player 9 (or higher).

* Internet connection (fast connection recommended)

* Web browser: Internet Explorer (preferred), Chrome or Firefox.

* Incompatible with current ipad and apple products, although this may change. 

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