North America

14 Aug

Our North American section is characterized by landscapes which reflect its variety of climates. Walk from forests to prairies to deserts, all in a few minutes! In this section, you’ll see everything from cacti to deciduous trees, from coastal redwoods (the species with the tallest trees on earth),to magnolias, whose huge white flowers grace the Gardens in early summer. You’ll also find the wild relations of the pumpkin, corn and sunflower, which are typical of Mexico.
With its lawns, waterfall, hidden corners and abundant shade, the North American section is an ideal place to have a picnic and a rest.
Coniferous forest
Deciduous forest
Mixed forest (broad-leaved and coniferous) of the southeastern USA
Dry evergreen forest of the Rocky Mountains
Grove and park forest of California
Succulent desert flora
Grass prairies
Mountainous flora of Central America

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