Tropical Conservatory

28 Dec

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Tropical Conservatory Opens Its Doors  

The Tropical Conservatory is a unique and magical place, first built at 1985 (donated by Mrs. Florence Dworsky, who loved Orchids).

 The Tropical Conservatory experience begins in a grand foyer situated below a traditional conservatory roof. The Conservatory boasts approximately 300 kinds of plants, all differing in shape, color and usage. Endangered plants, exotic banana trees, coffee plants, orchids and cacti all stand in a display of vibrant tranquility.

The Conservatory is divided into two regions, the tropical region and the desert region. Both are characterized by rich vegetation that has adapted to the particular climate according to geographical area. The display is not of potted plants, rather emphasis is on ecological environments that depict a large range of habitats. In each region, visitors discover ecological and biological processes. There is even a stream with aquatic plants growing within and remains of ancient columbarium carved into rock, exposed at the site during construction. Dating back to the Second Temple period, its pigeon niches display Stapelias, small succulent plants distinctive in appearance.

In the tropical region, the visitor enters a rainforest, complete with tall plants growing on even taller trees. Everything is eye-level to help the visitor understand the rainforest dynamic and the species growing there. Orchids, ferns and bananas are just several plants that thrive in the tropical region.

In the desert region, the visitor is exposed to some of the world’s most unique plants and their adaptation to dry conditions, including the Trichodesma with beautiful teal colored flowers, a Jericho rose that releases seeds only after 10mm or more of rain, and shrubs producing fragrant fruits from which the most iconic perfumes of the world are made.

Opening Hours:

Sunday: 10:00-13:00

Monday-Thursday: 10:00-15:30

Friday and Saturday: 10:00-14:00

Group Tours:

Monday and Wednesday: 14:00-15:30

Saturday: 10:00-14:00 

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