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29 Jan

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is a charity and operates thanks to the support of its founders, private and institutional donors and of course its committed staff and volunteers who work tirelessly, each in their own way, to conserve, grow, distribute, research, teach, educate, support and promote botany, plants, sustainability, environment, people, policy and entrepreneurship. Because at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens people grow plants but also plants grow people!
If you want to join the efforts there are a number of ways to do so:

Memberships – Purchase a yearly membership to support the JBG’s important work and enjoy free entry to the gardens, activities and additional benefits.

Volunteer – The Garden Club now has an English speaking group! The Jerusalem Botanical Garden’s volunteer community invites you to take part in a program which offers camaraderie, enrichment, training and volunteer work in botany, gardening and sustainability.

Friends Associations – Join the Friends of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. The Friends association was created when JBG became an independent charity and is essential to its continued operation. The wonderful volunteers of the Friends Association work alongside JBG staff to promote the Gardens and its core values with admirable dedication. We also have a British Friends association.

Donation – Funds for the Gardens’ ongoing needs are provided from public sources and by our founding members. However, with government funding in persistent decline, any contribution, large and small, is incredibly significant and enables the JBG to continue to maintain the gardens, conduct research and conservation and run its community and education programs. Private support is especially necessary for new capital projects and major programs. A wide range of projects – both capital and programmatic – are available for sponsorship. Alternatively, you can contribute to our endowment fund and allow our Board members the flexibility to choose what to support annually, according to need.

Internships – The international internship program has been running for 30 years with the generous and enduring support of the British Friends of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. Over the past 10 years the program has expanded and includes interns from Australia supported by JNF Australia. The interns come from all over the world and learn about our local flora and working in circumstances different to what they are used to. For many it is their first experience working in a botanical garden following advanced studies and they find that their time in Jerusalem is educational and significant for their future professional development. We are fortunate to host hard working lovely workers whose education and experience is different from ours and enrich the knowledge and human fabric of the JBG. The interns come for extended periods of time, 4-12 months, and are provided with accommodation and a living stipend. In addition to professional knowledge, they get to know and often fall in love with Israel and Jerusalem.

We are grateful to our expanding family of friends and partners, who share our vision of becoming a national beacon of excellence where “Plants Grow People.”
If you have chosen to support the JBG in one of the above ways or in any other way – Our deep and heartfelt thanks!

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