Glass on the Lake

10 Sep

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens are proud to host:

Broken Garden

An exhibition of sculpted glass flowers from Beit HaLohem, Jerusalem


The Lake will exhibit flowers made of glass, produced from recycled materials, using combined techniques. Some will be on the banks, others floating on the water.

Each artist arranges his or her work according to the way in which s/he is inspired by the Lake and the Gardens. The meeting between live flower and glass one, between animate and inanimate, gives rise to something fascinating. The themes also explore the relationship between individual artist and group.

One of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens' goals is to bring people closer to plants and nature. Many of its activities in this regard are implemented via the Gardens' Hub for Environmental and Social Activism. Through the Hub, the Gardens seek to encourage community involvement in the environment through environmental, educational, economic and cultural activities.  

Beit HaLohem: Beit HaLohem is run by the organization responsible for 50,000 disabled Israel Defence Forces veterans countrywide. It offers social, sporting and rehabilitational activities. The organization tries to improve economic, social and health aspects of the lives of its members. Some 3,000 members are involved in the sport and cultural activities of the Jerusalem branch of Beit HaLohem. Art performs an important part in rehabilitation and the exhibits on and around the Lake were created during the past year in drawing, sculpture, mosaic and glass art workshops.

Entry fees to the Gardens

Single adult ticket                                  NIS 30

Single ticket for child/student/

soldier/member of the police/

pensioner                                               NIS 20

Disabled people qualify for a 50% discount on presentation of a Bituach Leumi card. 

Entry is free for children aged up to 18 who live in JerusalemThose aged up to 14 must be accompanied by an adult. In both cases, free entrance is conditional upon presentation of ID. Accompanying adults still need to pay.

Opening hours: 

Sundays through Thursdays         9.00-19.00

Fridays and holiday eves               9.00-17.00

Sabbaths and holidays                   9.00-18.00


Proceeds of the exhibition will go to the Gardens Save an Endangered Plant campaign. 


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