Hub – Designated Space

28 Jan

A co-working space uniquely designed for this community and with their active involvement. A place to meet, develop and grow ideas, ventures and collaborations. A place with the right atmosphere, opportunities and fertile ground for the wonderful things that grow out of unmediated contact.

The Botanical Gardens, its grounds and the expertise of its staff are crucial to the Hub eco-system.  However, a designated space is necessary in order to offer all the services we envision and to fully achieve our goals. A designated space will enable the Hub to be a real home for organisations and activists promoting environmental awareness and a sustainable lifestyle in Jerusalem.

The Design Program:

  • A co-working space which offers the facilities needed by the community according to feedback gathered from its members (thinking outside the office-space box)
    • Office
    • Gardens
    • Classrooms
    • Alternative and flexible work areas
    • Workshops
    • Kitchen
    • “chill-out” spaces
  • An informal, professional, inspiring, inviting, warm, accepting, radically inclusive atmosphere
  • A space which encourages and facilitates chance meetings which lead to sharing of ideas and collaborations
  • Built with sustainable building practices using reclaimed and natural materials
  • Aim for energy-neutrality
  • Give Hub members a sense of ownership and a stake in the Hub space

If you too think you could find your place with us, you want to take part in creating this unique space, or you simply want to know more – contact Merav the Hub Community manager:

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