Iris westii – A new population of the rare Iris westii from Mt. Hermon

by: Ori Fragman-Sapir
31 Dec
For the past 35 years, the identity of Oncocyclus irises in Mount Hermon and its adjacent areas has confused botanists. All these local irises belong to the Nazarena group... Read ...

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Conservation in the Middle East

by: Ori Fragmai-Sapir
25 Aug
The rich flora of the Middle East is celebrated in the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, where endangered species are propagated and protected. In this paper I share our primary projects and ...

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Ficus palmata – Wild Fig

by: Ori Fragman-Sapir, Translated by Shira Carmeli & Kady Wilson
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31 Jul
Twenty years ago, when we were young and hard-working students, we enjoyed Sukkot and Passover vacations in Sinai. We would go hiking for ten days in the high mountains of ...

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