Ficus palmata – Wild Fig

by: Ori Fragman-Sapir, Translated by Shira Carmeli & Kady Wilson
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31 Jul
Twenty years ago, when we were young and hard-working students, we enjoyed Sukkot and Passover vacations in Sinai. We would go hiking for ten days in the high mountains of ...

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Chrysocephalum apiculatum – Common Everlasting, Yellow Buttons

by: Shira Carmeli, Translated by Shira Carmeli & Adi Bar-Yoseph
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06 Jun
It is the beginning of summer and spring freshness moves aside for deep dusty green and a dry yellow. Prolonged bloom by flowers, that smile to the sun and do ...

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Erythrina herbacea – Coral Bean

by: Shira Carmeli
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01 Jun
It is the beginning of summer and our garden is full of color. Our plant of the month is the striking Coral Bean (Erythrina herbacea) which is revealed to the ...

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