Wandflower – Gaura lindheimeri

01 Jul

Gaura lindheimeri

Our plant of the month for July comes from Southern United States – the Louisiana-Texas area. This is a plant with long inflorescence wands, adorned with beautiful pink and white flowers: the Wandflower, or Gaura lindheimeri. This wand-like inflorescences gave it its common English name: Wandflower. The beautiful flowers attract the eye and the heart, and attracted the first botanists who met this plant. They called him “Gaura“, a name that comes from Greek, and means “Superb” or “Wonderful”. The species epithet, lindheimeri, is after Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer, a 19th century plant collector from Texas.

The Gaura, of the Evening Primrose plant family (Onagraceae), is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows in dense clumps up to 1 m in diameter. The leaves are lanceolate, finely hairy, up to 9 cm long and 1 cm wide. The stems are tall – up to 1 m (and in nature even up to 1.5 m). The pink flower buds develop on the long stems. In the wild type, the flowers bloom in white that slowly changes to pink. The flower has 4 petals and a single symmetry axis. The stamens are long.

Gaura lindheimeri
Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura is a low-maintenance easy-to-grow plant. It propagates easily from seeds, enjoys well-drained soils and direct sun. It can tolerate extreme heat conditions, and survives cold winters in hibernation. It needs low to medium irrigation – but can survive drought periods. The Gaura has a long blooming period – from early summer to autumn.

The flowers’ beauty, as well as the fact that the plant is a low-maintenance plant, turned it to a gardeners-favorite, and today you can find many garden variants and hybrids. We’re recommending it for flower-beds and flower-pots of various sizes.

In our garden you can see 3 garden variants:

Gaura lindheimeri

and Gaura lindheimeri ‘Pink’ blooms in different shades of pink

Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura lindheimeri ‘Pink Lady’ blooms in pinkish-white: 

Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura lindheimeri ‘The Bride’ blooms in white (with some pink):


Gaura flowers will welcome you in the garden entrance’s flower beds – but we recommend going into the garden and looking for them in the North America Section.

Written By: Yael Orgad, July 2019

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