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 Activities for the whole family at the Gardens  | Tuesdays and Saturdays | May and June 2014

Spring and early summer are particularly beautiful periods at the Gardens, offering nature at its best in the very heart of Jerusalem. Water lilies grace the lake at the entrance, flowers line the paths, and the deciduous trees are green once again. It's the perfect time to stroll, to sit and relax in the shade on one of the lawns, and to enjoy the family-oriented activities offered within the framework of MishpachTeva.


Among the activities on Saturdays: 

Huge games laid out on mats on the grass | Guided activities related to Bonsai and the art of Japan | A special trail for bimbas (small plastic vehicles for tots) | Creative workshops for children | Seed collecting from the Gardens' plants

Saturday's activities take place from 10.00-14.00


Among the activities on Tuesdays:

Flower Train tours at 16.00, 17.00 and 18.00| Botanical tours at 16.00 | Young Gardener family activities at 16.30|

Tuesday's activities take place from 16.00-18.30.


Participation in MishpachTeva is included in the price of a regular entry ticket to the Gardens.

Entry prices:

Adult NIS 30

ChildPensioner   NIS 20

NB Jerusalemite children aged up to 18 get in free on provision of a parent's ID card.


All proceeds go towards the Gardens' campaign to save endangered species.





Gardens opening hours on Tuesdays:    9.00-19.00

Gardens opening hours on Saturdays:   9.00-18.00 

Further information: 02-6794012 .

On Saturdays, entrance is via the Burla Street gate in the Nayot neighborhood (next to Supersol).




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