Weekend Riddle, 13.9.2019

15 Sep

Weekend Riddle: in the picture you can see Ornithogalum Saundersiae, a beautiful ornamental flower from South Africa that blooms at the end of summer. can you tell us what are the …

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Weekend Riddle, 6.9.2019

08 Sep

Weekend Riddle: In the picture you can see a carpenter-bee, Xylocopa pubescens, on a flower of Eremophila drummondii, a beautiful shrub now blooming in the Australia section. as you can see, the …

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Come see in our garden, September 2019

08 Sep
Most of the summer has passed, but the heat is still on. Flowering is scarce yet very special, and there is plenty to see in the garden. The recommended hours ...

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Weekend Riddle, 30.8.2019

01 Sep

Weekend Riddle: Who am I? where in Israel do I grow? what other close species grows in Israel?

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Weekend Riddle, 23.8.19

25 Aug

Weekend Riddle: What’s in the picture?

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Weekend Riddle, 16.8.19

18 Aug

Weekend Riddle: what is in the picture? please explain!

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Weekend Riddle, 9.8.2019

11 Aug

Weekend Riddle: In the picture you can see the leaves of 4 trees from our area. can you tell their names, and what do they have in common?

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Come see in our garden, August 2019

09 Aug
August is here, and the blossom is scanty. Still, Water-plants keep blooming in the entrance lake, and there are flowers in the colorful entrance flower beds. All in all, there ...

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Weekend Riddle, 2.8.2019

04 Aug

Weekend Riddle:  What fruit did we picture in Baku’s market at Azerbaijan?

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Weekend Riddle, 26.7.2019

28 Jul

Weekend Riddle:  Dovyalis caffra trees in the South Africa section are laden with fruit. The fruit on the trees are unripe, and they are shed from the tree just as …

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