Weekend Riddle, 19.7.2019

21 Jul

Weekend Riddle: Summer is here and the heat is on. Most of the flowers have withered and disappeared. But despite the heat in this time, our ponds and natural wetlands …

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Weekend Riddle, 12.7.2019

14 Jul

Weekend Riddle: whose fruit is in the picture?

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Come see in our garden, July 2019

09 Jul
02-Nelumbo nucifera - נלומבו נאה 02
Summer is here: we're feeling hot, and so do the plants. The recommended areas in the garden are the various ponds and the shaded woody areas. The best hours are ...

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Weekend Riddle, 5.7.2019

07 Jul

Weekend Riddle: Who am I, from the Southern shores of the Caspian sea, in Iran? which Israeli tree am I close to? what constitutes most of my inflorescence?

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Come see in our garden, June 2019

06 Jun
17-Michauxia campanuloides מישויה
The month of June marks the beginning of summer. Most of the blooming period is behind us, yet quite a lot of plants bloom now. Temperatures usually drop in the ...

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Come see in our garden, May 2019

08 May
Crepis rubra
The peak of spring is behind us, the days are getting longer, and the garden is preparing for summer. The carpets of flowers have  been replaced by other plants that ...

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Come see in our garden, April 2019

05 Apr
April marks the second peak of spring! You are invited to celebrate Passover spring holiday with us in the garden, to explore and discover what is blooming – we promise ...

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Come see in our garden, March 2019

10 Mar
March is here, and spring is apparent all around us, in every color and shape. The Garden is blooming and festive at this time of year – wonderful flowering carpets ...

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Come see in our garden, February 2019

03 Feb
February marks the beginning of spring in our garden. The winter is certainly not behind us, and we'll be glad to have more rainy days, but the garden is awakening ...

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Come and see in the garden, January 2019

08 Jan
The winter is here, rains are coming down. The temperatures in Jerusalem have dropped significantly, and there is even hope for snow. Even in these cold conditions, the garden is ...

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