project “plants in danger of extinction”

18 Nov

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens are requesting the public's help to rescue plants in danger of extinction!
For the past 15 years, the Gardens have been working to protect plants in danger of extinction. Israel is an area of high biodiversity, with some 2,300 wild plants. But urbanization and development are putting more than 400 species in danger by destroying or interfering with their natural habitats. The Gardens collect, cultivate and teach about these species and even sometimes return them to nature. Around 130 rare species – most of them native Israeli – already grow in the Gardens. Some are promoted as ornamental plants to growers and gardeners.
We are appealing to you, members of the public, to adopt one plant at risk!
These rare species represent a unique gene pool. If they disappear, they will disappear for ever.
For further information, a list of plants, and to donate, please click here


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