Recommended this week 5.3.17-11.3.17

05 Mar

It is the beginning of March and at the Gardens spring awakens.תקריב פריחה דובדבן פעמוני

Our lake still seems colorless and deserted but for the Bald Cypress planted on the island. It is a coniferous North American tree that sheds its leaves in extreme cold. As winter was not cold enough, it remained in its fall colors adorning the lake with a rusty orange.

Around the Bonsai section Bellflower Cherry trees are in full bloom. Some leaves are already emerging – Hurry up and don’t miss it pretty in pink!

The Southern African section welcomes its visitors with flowers, textures and leaf shades. Further on you may encounter impressive blooms of the Aloe species, continuing their long flowering period. Their succulent leaves show damage of past winters but nevertheless – the blooms flourish!

שיח קרנית מאדימה אדומת ענפים בחורףIn the European section deciduous trees shed a winter atmosphere under the bright blue skies. Color unveils where less expected – in the bare branches of the Common Dogwood, reddening in the cold (One of the assumptions relates the phenomenon to protection against sunlight).

פריחת שקד וחלבלוב צפוף-עליםThe Asian section is lovely. Pistachio trees and most trees of the rose family (apples, pears, peaches and more) are still leafless. The most ravishing family member is the small-leaved cherry (Cerasus microcarpa), manifesting a dense cloud of small pinkish flowers. The soil is covered with fresh green grass preparing for mid-spring colors, while the Fritillaria persica has already sent its slender stalks with greenish pendant flowers like delicate hanging bells.

The Mediterranean Spurge (Euphorbia characias) leads the way by the stream towards the Mediterranean section, the Algerian Iris continues its admirable display under the Atlas cedar trees, and further on, Artichokes are already showing off their grayish structure. And Gum rockrose scent fills the air…

Near the Gardens’ nursery there is a “Plants of the Month” display. Special flowering plants are exhibited, currently mostly geophytes – five tulip varieties, Narcissus and more.

Ah, yes – and also trumpet daffodils, colorful anemones and abundant cyclamens all around…  You are invited!!