Courses – School of Horticulture

28 Jan

The school of Horticulture was established at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens in 1996. Its aim is to offer knowledge in botany, horticulture, agriculture and environmental issues to the general public, taking advantage of the resources of the JBG and its staff for teaching in these fields. Courses are offered at the academic, professional and popular levels and essentially the school translates the botanical, scientific and professional knowledge at the JBG making it accessible to wide audiences. Its location at the JBG enables accessibility to many residents of the city while making use of the geographically themed display of thousands of plants from around the world.

Unfortunately at the moment we are only able to offer courses in Hebrew. For the full list of course please click here. You may also register your interest in courses in English by contacting us here or using the form at the bottom of this page if you have a specific subject you would like to learn please detail it in your message.