20 Apr

Beyond providing an oasis of beauty, the Gardens constitute a living laboratory of plants from all over the world. In this latter role, they serve three main industries:

a)     The gardening sector

b)     The forestry and urban tree landscaping sector

c)      Nature organizations

The Gardens introduce and acclimatize: trees that produce beautiful foliage, flowers or fruits; shrubs and dwarf shrubs that can be used for groundcover and other purposes; bulbs and annual plants that can provide carpets of blooms at different times of the year; and other plant groups.

With Israel in the grip of a serious water shortage, the Gardens are always on the look-out for drought-resistant plants that can be grown in a sustainable environment. Successful species are added to the Agricultural Ministry's water-wise plant list, and recommended to growers and gardens.

Other groups of plants that are cultivated at the Gardens include:

o    Endangered plants. Read more

o    Plants of important botanical interest

o    Wild plants with ornamental potential.

o    Economic plants with potential for fields such as medicine and  alternative energy


The Gardens house a large collection of Eucalyptus species. 

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