What is there to see? 16.6.17-1.7.17

16 Jun

It is the beginning of summer and the Gardens are a quiet and beautiful place for a pleasant sojourn, and also a place of diversity and interest to satisfy the mind. In these hot days we recommend you visit the European and North American sections.

The Gardens’ lake receives the visitors with a fresh and festive summer look. All the very different aquatic plants are flourishing. Among them there are submerged plants (Eurasian watermilfoil), plants rooted in the bottom with floating leaves or with leaves above the waterline (waterlilies and sacred lotus), and plants growing  in the muddy margins (pickerelweed and yellow flag iris). All the while, from its post on the floating islet, the swamp cypress “watches” them all .

We recommend you start your tour passing by the entrance of the African section, where Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset' sets the slope on fire along with Salvia lanceolata in smoky pink hues.
Turning right, heading north, you will enter the European section walking through a lane accompanied by Shasta daisies. Wondering whether you love them or love them not, be sure to send side glimpses to the colorful lake below.

The North American section is beautiful these days. We recommend taking a walk all along the Children’s Discovery Trail – either with children or without them. You are welcome to collect last mulberries from the trees and appreciate the beauty of aquatic plants adorning the pools and stream. On your way back from the tour, you will walk on the main path, in the shade of flowering magnolia trees – try to gently bend a branch and smell one of the heavenly-scented inflorescenses! On the east side of the section, the coral bean is flowering among soft flowing Mexican feather grass.

The Discovery Trail ends on the Tree-Walk in the Australian section. Heading back, you'll enjoy the demonstration garden, where gold, silver and crimson emerge from leaves, flowers and fruit.
If you choose to head north, you will encounter the self seeding hollyhocks scattered around in masses in the Asian section, with their impressive height and white-pink-magenta colors.
And further on, Salvia canariense flowering on the path in the Canary Island sub-section, will lead you on to the Mediterranean section and the beautiful display at its center.

Come and embrace the first days of summer in the cool shade of trees, caressed by soft winds, while beholding rich vegetation and much beauty in the heart of Jerusalem.