What is there to see? 7.5.17-20.5.17

07 May

It is the tail-end of spring and the Gardens are green and fresh. Days are pleasant and very suitable for strolling about, especially in the afternoon when the Gardens are enveloped in vivid voices of local animals and scented blossoms – a whole sensory experience. The recommended sections to visit are the flower beds near the entrance, the Southern African section at the southern end and the Mediterranean section at the northern end. On the way, we assure you a most pleasant walk through all the Gardens’ sections.

To the right of the Gardens’ entrance tunnel there is an ascending path between colorful flowering beds. All of you flower lovers can feast your eyes and camera lenses on plenty of beautiful flowers. Among them: columbines, larkspurs and bear’s breeches.
The lake declares the arrival of summer. Water plants’ leaves are covering the water surface, flowers appear upon the yellow-flag iris and water-lilies, and the lake’s inhabitants are busy beneath and above the water to the jolly sound of croaking frogs.

We recommend you start your tour at the entry to the Southern African section. Many pretty flowers from the daisy family adorn the beds beneath eye-catching shrubs, intriguing in their shape, color or bloom.

European ash in the European section and further on, the stone bridge. The whole section calls out: Green!
Bank plants in the stream following the Discovery Trail in the North American section.
Shrubs in the display garden of the Australian section. Leaf colors and flowering grevilleas and banksias.

The Mediterranean section awaits at the north end of the Gardens. Currently, it offers a stroll between lavenders, yellow pea-flowering-shrubs and impressive artichokes. Just before the northern pool, there are lush shrubs of tree mallow and gum rock-rose, whose sweet fragrance fills the air.

Near the Gardens’ nursery there is a “Plants of the Month” display exhibiting plants from our collection, mostly geophytes, with especially beautiful flowers.

You are invited to visit and fill your lungs with peacefullness within busy Jerusalem…