Major projects

06 Jan

CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY GARDEN: The first project of its kind in Israel, this will provide a new 910-meter path, along which will be nine fun and interactive stations dealing with different aspects of the interaction between plants and their environment. The path will encourage youngsters of all cultures and backgrounds to meet and to bond with nature in a safe, accessible location. The hope is that when they are old enough, these children will act to protect our environment. 
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CENTER FOR BIODIVERSITY EDUCATION: This will see the expansion of our tropical conservatory into an experience that will take visitors from Lands of Plenty (tropical environments) to Lands of Thirst (subtropical, arid and desert). The understanding and appreciation of biodiversity that visitors will gain from this center will hopefully give them the tools and desire to act for the preservation of nature's diversity in Israel and elsewhere in the world. Read more



EXPANSION OF THE GARDENS Long-term plans are to complete the ‘botanical journey around the world’ by developing a 20-acre area of land into new botanical sections – South-East Asia and South America. This area is also slated to include a new lake, car park, visitors’ center, and a school of horticulture.

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