29 May


JBG's 10,000-species-strong plant collection (the biggest in Israel) lies at the heart of all activities. JBG staff are currently preparing a master plan to ensure the highest level of development over the next ten years.

In the meantime, sections need continual maintenance and there is always room for improvement and beautification.

Upgrading of geographical sub sections and botanical collections:  In immediate need of improvement is the Karoo succulent subsection in the Southern Africa section.

Cost (depending on subsection) NIS 60,000-300,000

Ethno-botany:JBG plans to emphasize its geographical layout by introducing ethno-botanical exhibits illustrating the link between plants and their human uses. The first of a series of planned exhibits was opened in 2010 – an African savannah grass maze, whose grass was used both for the maze and to thatch an adjacent African mud hut. The maze takes children on a plant-detective mission to find six useful plants and to learn how they help us humans. Ethno-botanical exhibits can also provide a focus for plant and geography-related festivals.

Benches and seating corners: Available in different areas of JBG, these come in a range of prices, according to size, location and maintenance needs

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