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23 Nov
Della and the late Fred Worms OBE  laid the cornerstone for Living Water – the first of a series of exhibits to be created as part of the Gardens' flagship new Children's Discovery Garden. Living Water will introduce youngsters to the remarkable adaptation of plants to environments with different amounts of water, and to the interaction between water and plants in nature. 


Bring Jews Home, a Norwegian charity which helps new immigrants in Israel, dedicated "Oak Walk" in 2012, a path and seating corner in the Gardens' Mediterranean section. The walk is named for the Mount Tabor Oak which stands at the entrance, and a revolving plaque which provides information about oaks, as part of the Bible Path. Bring Jews Home will honor their donors on plaques within Oak Walk.





The Fisher family of London and Jerusalem donated a landscaped path and seating corner in memory of the late Zara Fisher z"l. "Zara's Way", dedicated in 2011,  runs along the eastern bank of the Sunlight Pool in the Mediterranean Section. It has been planted with species in danger of extinction.



A beautiful island and open-air amphitheater has been created in memory of the late Bat Sheva (Beatriz) Kohon. The island bed, complete with artificial well and a secluded bench, marks the end of the Bible Path, and provides a scenic roundabout for the Gardens' Flower Train.


Zel Lederman, a former curator at the Gardens, has initiated a new Australian scholarship scheme. Supported by Seyma Lederman and family via the Jewish National Fund, Melbourne ,the scheme has brought four Australian horticultural scholars to the Gardens so far (2014) – Natalie Simmons, Trevor Seppings,Trent Loane and Tim Wall. The Australian scheme is based on the long-running and highly successful program run by the British Friends of the Botanical Gardens.The Naphtali Family Foundation has provided funds to ensure the continuation of this important project. 

The British Friends of the JBG contribute annually to send horticultural scholars to the Gardens. 

The Galinson Advised Fund of San Diego generously supported three new projects at the Gardens from 2012-14:  Flora of the Holy Land, an online course; Green Team, our Environmental Youth Leadership programand the creation of an adapted classroom for young people with special needs.



Leon Fink of Sydney Australia has funded, and continues to fund, several key  projects at the Gardens. The Fink Family Australian Display Garden, along the main path,and dedicated in 2010, features many plants that have never been seen in Israel before. The former library and volunteers' dining room have been converted into a modern Science Center, with offices for all the scientific staff and a modern professional reference library. Mr Fink has also supported our Jewish-Arab coexistence project. 

Moshe and Batya Levin  of Jerusalem donated a pergola and biblical and traditional crop exhibit in memory of their late daughter Sara Tova (Maryam) Levin, who loved nature, children and the Bible. The pergola, dedicated in 2013, serves as an outdoor classroom for visitors to the Bible Path and the crops include such species as wheat, barley, safflower, lentils and flax.

The Spitzer Family of New York  donated a landscaped bypass path  for the handicapped in 2013 which runs between the entrance area of the Gardens and its main sections and pedestrian path. The landscaping showcases plants from the Balkans and the Caucasus.  Israel's National Insurance Institute and Government Tourism Authority also contributed.
A new Bonsai exhibit has been funded by the Agon Shu, Japan. This includes a path that winds its way between our Japanese cherry trees, with rotating exhibits of bonsai art; a symbolic stone and water display; and a greenhouse which exhibits cold-sensitive trees and provides space for bonsai workshops.
The Leichtag Family Foundation of San Diego, USA  supported our 2013 Jewish-Arab coexistence project. The project brings Jewish and Arab schoolchildren to the gardens to get to know one another through interactive plant-related activities. In addition, they co-funded a 2014 project to train young Arab men with emotional and behavioural problems to find work in horticulture. 
The Haimaki Cohen Family, donors of the Garden's lake, added a grass amphitheater and the base for a stage on the water, both of which were first used for a series of "Welcome the Sabbath" outdoor concerts in June 2012. 
The Friedman Family of New Jersey is supporting our Environmental Youth Leadership scheme (Green Team) in 2013 and 2014. 
The Beit Shalom Temple in Miami, Florida, USA  adopted a native plant in danger of extinction in 2012, as part of our Adopt a Plant Campaign.
Representatives of major philanthropic organizations and families gathered at the Gardens on July 1, 2013 for the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Children's Discovery Trail.

Family and friends of the late Dr. Menny Rabinovich (1934-2012) dedicated Hyssop Corner July 4, 2013. The corner and path form part of the Plants of the Bible Trail. 


Jill Kowal and Bill Benjamin of  London, UK, sponsored the creation of an audioguide, with plaques, to tell the story of the Gardens (2013-14). 
José and David Dent of London, UK are sponsoring Liliput – Miniature World at the Children's Discovery Garden. Lilliput, in the Plants, Rocks and Soils section, offers a series of miniature environments in which children can stage their own imaginary stories with figurines, while exploring the backdrop of rocks and the life that grows on and out of them.  

Hadassa and Michael Conn of London, UK sponsored the bench at Hyssop Corner in 2014. 
ASA Bulbs and Danziger – “Dan” Flower Farm, both of Israel, generously contribute plant materials to the Gardens each year.
The Stella and Alexander Margulies Charitable Trust, UK, are supporting the 2015 renovation of the Visitor's Center, through the Jerusalem Foundation.
The family of the late Joseph and Ann Fine of Boston have helped to renovate the wooden look-out that will form part of the Children's Discovery Garden, through the Jerusalem Foundation  (2014).  
The Binah Charitable Foundation, Henry & Julia Koschitzky, and the Nathan & Lily Silver Family Foundation, Canada (in memory of Mendel Kaplan z”l) supported the purchase of equipment and materials, via the Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA (2014).  
The Israel Custodian General’s Office gave funds in 2014 towards the tropical conservatory renovation, the Children's Discovery Garden, and the Israeli Friends of the JBG.
The Joint Distribution Committee donated towards "Community at the Gardens" in 2014. "Community at the Gardens" caters to the age group 55+.
The Israel National Lottery supported a production for the Gardens by the Composta Circus.
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