The Children’s Discovery Trail – Discover nature anew

24 Jun


Here children of all ages will be able to understand the importance of water for plants and explore the ways in which plants get this vital resource. This is contrasted with the vast efforts humanity puts into its use of water in agriculture:

How is it drawn out of the ground, pooled and used to water the fields?

A system of canals and dams illustrates the subject of water management for use with various facilities.

To this end, children use the instruments at their disposal: in the observation pool they will find telescopes, periscopes, a magnifying glass and observation buckets into the water.

There is also a toddlers’ activity area with water tables and watering station.

Rocks & soil

The Rocks & Soil section invites children to play, dig, break, sift, organize, integrate and explore different types of soils. They learn how soil is formed by switching between different activity stations in the area: fossils, sandpit and miniature land among the rocks.

In each of the stations illustration instruments are available inviting children to explore and understand the subject in unmediated, hands-on fashion.

Up in the Trees

Come walk among the trees like birds!

The canopy walk leads you down the meeting point between the sky and the trees where you can see the flight of birds and look down to the roots of the trees as if you were giants.

Up in the treetops you will feel the wind blowing between the branches of the eucalyptus trees, see and hear the rustle of leaves, and feel just like birds.

Our Roots


“Our Roots” is a huge environmental installation. It was built by an international environmental artist named Will Beckers – Willow Man (The Willow Man). By weaving branches of eucalyptus Will created the image of a fallen tree in the forest, the roots are exposed and facing the sky, the interior of the trunk serves as a cool dark hiding place while the dry exterior nourishes climbing plants and begins a new life cycle.

This gives children the opportunity to observe and discover the entire cyclical ecosystem embodied in the unique sculpture.

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