Vision and mission statement

10 Jun

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, where Plants Grow People.

Protecting biodiversity and welcoming human diversity.


The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens hold Israel’s largest collection of plants from around the world and exhibit them by geographical origin.  They attract people from all backgrounds for educational, scientific, cultural and recreational activities related to botany, horticulture, agriculture and environmental protection.



Education: Extend the boundaries of  scientific knowledge and educate the public about plants of the world, and of the Mediterranean in particular

Conservation: Protect endangered species and help shape public policy about conservation

Community:  Use the medium of plants to enrich and build bridges between the diverse elements of our community



Knowledge, education and conservation

Educate adults and children, excite them and enable them to experience the richness and value of plants and their role in the physical and cultural development of humankind, as a prerequisite for inspiring them to protect plants. Study plants and plant conservation. Connect with other centers of botanical excellence overseas. Train gardeners to excel in horticulture.


Reach out to people of all ages and all backgrounds and invite them to share in, experience and benefit from the beauty and tranquility of the Gardens and the varied and stimulating activities offered there. Enhance the life chances of people with special needs by training them for gardening-related work. Encourage artists to create original works inspired by plants and nature

קבוצות ילדים על הדשא 



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