Weekend Riddle, 12.7.2019

14 Jul

Weekend Riddle:

whose fruit is in the picture?

של מי הפרי?

This is the fruit of Agrimonia eupatoria of the Rosaceae family, a perennial plant that grows on banks of streams and springs. Agrimonia is common in Europe and Turkey, Israel was its southern distribution edge, but it hasn’t been seen here since 1990, so it is considered extinct.
Approximatelly 420 plant species in Israel are declared rare and endangered, or even extinct. In the garden we’re trying to grow many of them – this year we grew about 300 overall, among them the Agrimonia eupatoria that grows nicely in the flower-beds around the classroom, in the upper offices area. you are welcome to visit the garden, see the Agrimonia eupatoria‘s fruit – as well as many rare plant species!
Agrimonia eupatoria

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