Weekend Riddle, 14.2.20

16 Feb
Weekend Riddle:
Many plants are being used as spices. This month is Spice month in the garden’s Tropical Conservatory. And our riddle is: do you know what are the 3 most expensive spices in the world?

The most expensive spice is the Saffron, that is extracted from the stigma of  Crocus sativus. in the second place is the Vanilla, derived from the fruit pods of Vanilla orchids (there are several species used to produce the spice). In the third place is our plant of the month – the green Cardamum, produced from the seeds of Elettaria cardamomum.
Crocus sativus bloomed in the Geophyte terrace last autumn. You can see Vanilla planifolia and Elettaria cardamomum in the Tropical Conservatory. you’re welcome to visit the garden and the conservatory!
You can read more about the green Cardamum here.

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