Weekend Riddle, 15.11.19

17 Nov

Weekend Riddle:
The Tropical Conservatory is open between 10:00-15:30 daily, visit and enjoy breathtaking botanical displays!
The conservatory is divided to a topical section, which is hot and moist, and a desert section – hot and arid. in the desert section we photographed four succulents – fleshy plants that store water:
Hoodia gordonii from South Africa and Namibia, Agave lechuguilla from North America, Stapelia hirsuta from South Africa and Echinocactus grusonii from Mexico.
Note that all four – as many other succulents – have sharp spines. And our riddle is: why do so many succulents grow spines?


Answer: In the desert, water are a rare and important resource. The succulents are rich in water, and many wildlife covet these water. The succulents store water for their own use, and don’t want animals to eat them. Thus, they grow spines as a defense from being eaten.
You’re welcome to visit the Tropical Conservatory and see how plants cope with different heat conditions!

The weekend riddle is published in Facebook every Friday noon, the solution is published in Facebook on the following Sunday, together with the publication on this site.

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