Weekend Riddle, 19.7.2019

21 Jul

Weekend Riddle:

Summer is here and the heat is on. Most of the flowers have withered and disappeared. But despite the heat in this time, our ponds and natural wetlands are full of flowers. In the pictures you can see some of the diversity of water plants in the garden.
Our riddle is: why didn’t the water-plants bloom back in the spring, with all other flowers? why are they waiting for the big heat? 

garden's water plants

The Answer to the Riddle:

Water-plants bloom in the summer in order to avoid the great competition over pollinating bugs with all the other plentiful spring flowers. They bloom in the summer when there are fewer flowers and the bugs are happy to come and pollinate them. They grow in the water; thus they have enough water to invest the required energy to bloom in the hot season.
You are welcome to visit the garden and enjoy the blooming ponds!


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