Weekend Riddle, 21.2.20

23 Feb
Weekend Riddle:
Come and visit the Tropical Conservatory in the Botanical Gardens: this is an exciting experience with lots to see. today we’re looking at the rain-forests of the tropical region. Note that in the Conservatory and in the rain-forests there are many vines (that is, plants with root in the ground but they climb on other plants and trees around them, like the Clerodendrum × speciosum‏ in the picture) and epiphytes (that is, plants that grow on other plants rather than in the ground). can you guess why are there so many vines and epiphytes in the big tropical rain forests?


Riddle’s Solution:
The trees in the rain-forest are large, tall and dense and they block the passage of sunlight, that is essential to the plants. in order to reach the sun, the smaller plants have several solutions: one option is to start in the ground, but climb a tree in order to reach the sun above it. Another option is to start in the middle: use the tree as an anchoring point, and grow on it as an epiphyte.
you’re welcome to visit the tropical conservatory and see the tropical richness!

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