Weekend Riddle, 26.7.2019

28 Jul

Weekend Riddle:

 Dovyalis caffra trees in the South Africa section are laden with fruit. The fruit on the trees are unripe, and they are shed from the tree just as they ripen, or sometimes even before that. This behavior is similar to fruit such as pears and quinces – but it differs from other fruit, such as mulberries, cherries and hawthorns – trees that keep their fruit on the tree even when ripe.
Can you speculate, why some of the fruit trees shed their fruit, while others keep their fruit on the branches of on the tree?


Weekend riddle Solution: Dovyalis caffra, Pear, Quince and other fruit trees with yellow fruit shed their fruit quickly, so it can be eaten by land-mammals, such as the African Impala. These mammals eat the fruit and spread the seeds with their feces, that fertilizes the seeds. The fruit fall on the ground so that the animals can reach them easily. As opposed to that are many red-purple fruit, that are attracting birds.They remain on the tree so that birds can reach them easily.
You’re welcome to the botanical garden, to see red and yellow fruit and compare them!
Many thanks to Lior Almagor of www.fromycamera.com for Impala picture.

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