Weekend Riddle, 6.9.2019

08 Sep
Weekend Riddle:
In the picture you can see a carpenter-bee, Xylocopa pubescens, on a flower of Eremophila drummondii, a beautiful shrub now blooming in the Australia section.
as you can see, the bee is standing on the flower and not getting into it.
why? what do you think she does there?


Riddle solution:
this is “nectar robbing” or “nectar foraging” – the carpenter bee is too big to enter the flower from the front like honey-bees, and its tongue is not long enough to reach the nectar like butterflies. In order to get to the nectar, it punches a hole at the flower’s side and drinks the nectar through it. This way the bee gains the nectar, but doesn’t pollinate the flower.

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