Weekend Riddle, 7.2.20

09 Feb
Weekend Riddle:
in the course of history, seeds of plant were used as method of payment – money. can you tell us of at least one plant that was used as money during history?

חידת השבוע

We were happy to see many people answered!
In Ancient Rome, black pepper – that was a valuable spice, was sometimes used as money. Alaric the Goth got some of the ransom for removing the siege over rome in black pepper.
In Japan, rice seeds were used as money.
The Aztecs used Cacao beans as currency. Cortes, the Spanish commander who conquered most of Mexico, wrote that a rabbit could be traded for ten cacao beans, while a hundred were needed to buy a slave.
Many thanks to Olga, that added the fact that wheat seeds and dried tobacco leaves were used as money in Communist Russia,
and Many thanks to Shimon that added about rice in Japan – people paid taxes and got pensions in rice seeds, and even people’s classes were determined by the ability to produce rice.

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