The Home Garden: Planning, Set Up & Maintenance

The home garden is your own space to experiment with growing plants and working with your hands, both of which can bring much joy. This course covers the main steps for creating and cultivating a fertile and prosperous garden. We will experiment with proper planning, soil preparation, installation of an irrigation system, planting and growing, maintenance throughout the year, and treatment of pests and diseases. The course combines practical and theoretical study, and includes several tours in the botanical garden. It is intended for gardening enthusiasts and does not require prior knowledge or experience.

Main Topics:

Principles for planning a home garden

Preparing the soil for planting and creating flower beds

Installing an irrigation system and creating an irrigation plan

Familiarity with plant groups and orientation in the nursery

Growing vegetables, seasonal flowers, perennial shrubs, and trees

Year-round maintenance and treatment of pests and diseases


יהודה פוטזניק

תאריך פתיחה - יום שני, 06.02.2023
משך הקורס - 13 מפגשים (52 שעות אקדמיות)
יום ושעות הקורס - שני 12:00-9:00
מיקום - הגן הבוטני

Course participants get a 10% discount when purchasing an annual membership to the botanical gardens

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