tours and workshops

05 Jul


The Amateur Gardener: Tour the horticultural display exhibits at the Gardens, and learn about the best plants for your garden. Finish by planting up your own personal, biodegradable plant pot, ready to be planted in your garden at home. The activity starts with a Flower Train tour and lasts around one and a half hours.


The Dworsky Tropical Conservatory provides the conditions for tropical plants which grow on and close to the equator. Get acquainted with climbers, orchids and insect-eating plants as well as plants that serve humans, from vanilla and coffee to rice and bananas. The activity starts with a Train tour and lasts around one hour. The conservatory is currently closed prior to expansion and renovation.

A musical–botanical adventure: A Train tour focusing on plants and musical instruments from all over the world, with musical accompaniment and a drumming workshop. And to round things off, a hearty performance of melodies from around the globe with audience participation. Up to 50 participants per session. The activity lasts around an hour and a half.

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