Dworsky Tropical Conservatory

05 Nov

AS OF NOVEMBER 2012, THE DWORSKY TROPICAL CONSERVATORY HAS BEEN CLOSED PRIOR TO EXPANSION AND RENOVATION. We apologize for the inconvenience but promise a great visitor experience once the works are complete!

Established by the late Florence Dworsky, the tropical conservatory exhibits a wide variety of plants which have adapted to the dense, hot and wet conditions of the rainforest.  Plants that have developed strategies for getting to the sunlight  include climbers as well as epiphytes (plants that germinate high on tall trees, without harming them, and spend their lives up there, their roots absorbing moisture and nutrients from the air.)

The conservatory also exhibits plants used by humans. These include medicinal plants, such as the Rosy Periwinkle, an extract from which is used to treat leukemia, and edible plants such as lychee and bread fruit, rice, vanilla and coffee.

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