Family Gardening

14 Apr

The whole family is invited to learn how to plan, set up and cultivate your own home garden – in a backyard or on a balcony

** please note the activity is run in Hebrew **

Activity 1: 24.2.17  – Our Flowerbed 

Learn the basic rules for planning and planting a garden. Learn about how circumstances inform plant choice, how to prepare soil for planting and putting in an irrigation system. We will also cover the basics of growing plants in pots on a balcony.

Activity 2: 10.3.17  – Planting together 

Learn about seeds and sowing, planting and propagating from cuttings. Learn about the growing conditions needed for growing vegetables and try your hand at sowing and planting vegetables in a pre-prepared bed. You will also learn how to make cuttings and take home your new plant.

Activity 3: 24.3.17  – Animals in the garden

Plants draw animals which use them as food or shelter. Some of the creatures are benefitial to the soil and the plants but some do harm. Which is which and how do we draw the beneficial ones and ward off the harmful ones?

Learn to make natural replants in this fun practical workshop

Activity 4: 21.4.17  – Made in our garden 

It’s happening! the tomato is ripe, the Chard is big and green and the herbs are full and fragrant. In this workshop learn what you can make from the lovely things you grew – food, natural cosmetics and remedies. We will also finally reap what was sown in our vegetable garden here in at the JBG.

**please note workshops are given in Hebrew** 

to sign up please email or call 02-6794012 ext. 2