Southwest & Central Asia

14 Aug

This section represents the Irano-Turan region of plant distribution. This huge geographic region includes the mountains and deserts of Asia and stretches from inner Anatolia through Iran to the borders of Tibet and Mongolia. Jerusalem’s climate suits the plants in this section, so there is no need to artificially irrigate at all.

The Asian Section includes a collection of fruit trees, many of them the ancestors of the edible fruits we cultivate today. During summer and fall, we can taste some of these fruits.

Our fragrant Herb and Medicinal Plant Garden is also in this section,.

Spring is crowned with the glorious blossoms of the deciduous fruit trees, such as pear, apple and cherry, not to mention gorgeous carpets of wildflowers.

Don’t forget to visit this section in the fall to see the translucent yellow blooms of the Sternbergia.

Open Steppes and Forests of the Anatolian Heights
Park Forest of the Zagros Mountains
Mountainous Thorny Cushion Flora
Sand deserts of Central Asia
Mountainous Forest of Central Asia
Steppe Forest of Kopet Dag
The Yehuda Kirschstein Section of Herbs and Medicinal Plants

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