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\r\nApril marks the second peak of spring! We still hope we can invite you celebrate Passover spring holiday with us in the g...
March is upon us, and the spring is showing all around us in every color and shape. The garden is blooming and festive this...
Entry to the Garden on all days of the week is through the lower entrance. Nayot gate next to the Supermarket is permanently closed.\r\n ...

Plant of the month

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens hold Israel’s largest collection of plants from around the world and exhibit them by geographical origin.  They attract people from all backgrounds for educational, scientific, cultural and recreational activities related to botany, horticulture, agriculture and environmental protection.

A Garden View

Our quarterly magazine, A Garden View, keeps our friends all over the world in touch with news from the Gardens, and provides them with interesting articles about plants, horticulture and the environment.
Please bear in mind that the magazine is changing and a full magazine will now be coming out yearly. The updates will continue to be quarterly.

Opening Hours

Winter Time

Sunday – Thursday           9.00-17.00

Friday & Holiday’s eve      9.00-15.00

Shabbath & Holidays        9.00-17.00


Sunday – Thursday       9.00-19.00

Friday & Holiday’s eve    9.00-17.00

Shabbath & Holidays         9.00-18.00

The train operates by advance booking only

About The Garden

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is a gem in the heart of Jerusalem serving as a center as an education and research center and holds a diverse collection of plants from around the world displayed geographically. Its aim is to inspire and instill mindful custodianship of plant diversity within the environmental context as a basis for our physical and cultural existence. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens attracts people from all backgrounds for educational, scientific, cultural and recreational activities related to botany, horticulture, agriculture and environmental protection. The Gardens’ staff, works to influence public policy in these fields.   

Gardening School

The Gardens run a wide variety of activities for children and youth, in Hebrew and Arabic.

The Garden’s School of Horticulture offers a wide range of courses and workshops to amateurs and professionals alike.

Activities and Events

The Gardens are gradually expanding activities for a wider variety of ages and interest groups.

The Gardens’ motto is “Plants Grow People”. We see the evidence for this every day.

Whether it’s families with young children, senior citizens, religious, secular and ultra-orthodox Jewis, Arabs, new immigrants, people with special needs – everyone benefits from nature and exposure to the beauty and tranquillity of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.

So come and let the Gardens work their magic on you too!

Tour Options

Jump aboard the Flower train for a roughly half hour’s guided tour of all the
Gardens’ sections. You can get on and off at selected points along the route so long as you’ve agreed this in advance.  In advance of construction at the Gardens, the Flower Train will operate during the week only for groups who have booked in advance.It will continue to operate for the general public on Fridays, leaving every hour, on the hour, from 9.00-13.00 (unless it has been reserved for a group).

Self-guided walking tours: Two audioguide tours are currently available and can be borrowed from the ticket booth.

1. The Gardens’ Emeritus Scientific Director Dr Michael Avishai takes you through the Gardens, explaining points of interest, in Hebrew or in English.

An audioguide for the Bible Path is available in Hebrew and in English.

Additional self-guided tours can be downloaded from our Hebrew-language website, We plan to make downloadable self-guided tours available in other languages, including English, so watch this space!



While our visitors of all ages are expected to respect our floral exhibits, and not to trample over the flower beds (!), the Gardens’ staff are constantly thinking of ways attract families with children and to give them a good time!

Ask at the ticket desk for a Young Scientist’s Backpack with activities and a magnifying glass!

The big news is that the Gardens are planning to build a Children’s Discovery Garden, hopefully to open in spring 2015

Other projects worth visiting with children include:

TheAfrican Savannah Grass Maze (Pick up an activity sheet at the ticket desk, or take the Young Scientist’s Backpack)

The Dworsky Tropical Conservatory The Conservatory is currently closed prior to expansion and renovation.


The Gardens’ grounds provide the perfect setting for groups of all ages! A variety of activities can be tailored to groups of a few people, up to crowds of thousands! Add to that extensive parking and a high level of maintenance, and you have the right combination for a quality experience.

Golden Age

Women’s Day

Experiential workshop for women – Harness your energy and get in sync with nature!

Nature provides plenty of inspiration for feminine development: Mother Earth, the creative woman, the nurturing partner….Get in touch with your feminine energy and explore how you can use this as a tool to cope with life’s challenges.  Workshop leaders are: Yula, a personal coach, philosophical and spiritual guide, and Adler Institute qualified group leader; Michal, an Adler Institute qualified personal and group coach with a degree in  behavioral sciences.

Tour of Medicinal Plants  

Lead by Aloma Gelzer-Dotan, a natural dietician and expert in medicinal plants and Bach remedies, this tour includes preparation of tea sachets and scented sachets from different plants. *For groups of up to 50 women in turns. The activity lasts around 90 minutes.

Ikebana workshop

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese method of flower arranging, which is based on principles of simplicity and esthetics. Teacher: Rivka Levi.

Flower arranging  

A lesson in general flower arranging, color matching, sensitivity to location, etc. Each participant will arrange his/her own floral creation. Duration: Approx 90 minutes.

Tai Chi workshop: Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, this soft and gentle martial art helps to balance the body, improve coordination, concentration and awareness, and deal with a wide range of medical problems. Exercises do not require any particular physical effort or strength. The workshop lasts around one hour.

To book, please call 073-2438914

School & Summer camps

Registration has opened!

An Adventure of Discovery into the Wondrous World of Plants

This year’s summer camp will explore our environment from top to bottom, from the depths of the water to the tops of the trees! How do plants interact with their environment? How do they create the oxygen that we breathe? What is soil made of? What happens in the canopy of the trees, and what is hidden deep down in the earth?

Our summer camp will open your children’s eyes (and appeal to all their senses) to some of the extraordinary secrets of nature!

The summer camp is aimed at children who have just finished pre-compulsory kindergarten (trom hova) through to children going up to fourth grade. It will take place Sundays through Thursdays, from 8.00-13.00, with the possibility of an extension to 16.00.

The summercamp will accommodate up to 120 youngsters divided into groups of up to 20 by age.

The summercamp is approved by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israeli Education Ministry. It is staffed by mature and professional counsellors and offers a rich and high quality program.

First camp: July 1-18

Second camp: July 21-August 8

Cost: NIS 1,480, with an additional NIS 500 for the afternoon program.

10% discount for Gardens members, a second child and/or a single parent family.

For details, contact the sales team: il or call 073-2438914

Click here to download the registration form

קבוצות ואירועים

מרחבי הטבע של הגן הבוטני מאפשרים בילוי מושלם לקבוצות בכל הגילאים! מגוון הפעילויות, הסדנאות והסיורים שאנו מציעים מתאימים ומותאמים לכל קבוצה.

הגן הבוטני הוא 120 דונם של טבע בלב העיר ירושלים – מתאים לקבוצות קטנות ואף יכול להכיל קבוצות של אלפי אנשים בשל המרחבים שבו, החנייה הגדולה שעומדת לרשותו ושירותי האחזקה הגבוהים שלו.

חלקות הגן

הטיול בין החלקות השונות בגן הבוטני דומה לטיול בין אזורים גיאוגרפיים שונים וזאת בגלל ארגונו המיוחד של הגן, שבשונה מגנים בוטניים אחרים בעולם, איננו מחולק לפי משפחות הצמחים – אלא לפי אזורים גיאוגרפיים בעולם. כך למעשה, אתם עוברים בין נופי היבשות השונות וצופים בכל פעם בנופי הצומח המיוחדים לאותה היבשת.

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