28 Jan

To serve as an engine in transforming Jerusalem to an international model for a sustainable and resilient city, enabling well-being for its citizens and promoting human and urban ecology diversity.

Mission Statement:
The Hub serves as a creative and supportive center for dozens of organizations and entrepreneurs promoting environmental and sustainability issues in Jerusalem by facilitating an inter-disciplinary professional network, creating connections within the community and to the city, providing tools and knowledge, training and professional support. In this manner, the Hub serves as a base where change agents share and express their expertise in the sustainability ecosystem of Jerusalem. Furthermore, the Hub conveys JBG content to the community, and leads eco-social programs in the JBG and throughout Jerusalem.

Target Audience:

The professional community of environment- and sustainability-focused change agents in Jerusalem; social-sustainability activists, environmental designers and artists, urban planners and architects, farmers and gardeners, clean-tech start-ups, eco-entrepreneurs, and others.


The world is changing at a dizzying pace, driving a population boom and global climate change, in turn leading to massive urbanization. 92% of Israel’s population currently live in cities. At the same time, human activities are responsible for the depletion of bio-diversity and create a sharp disconnect between man and the environment. In light of the resulting social-ecological crisis, today there are dozens of organizations and activists working in Jerusalem – one of the most complex cities in the world – to promote social justice and environmental sustainability. Until recently, these organizations worked separately with very little interaction. This prevented any possible social-environmental changes from having a truly municipal-level impact.

Research shows that collaboration between organizations and individuals increases their impact by more than 30%. Moreover, these studies demonstrate that open connections between activists across different disciplines creates synergy, engendering mutual growth, creativity, innovation, and trust-building in change processes. All these can work together to break through the glass ceiling of eco-sustainable activism in Jerusalem, healing the public sphere, reducing food insecurity, fostering a sense of community, reducing the city’s ecological footprint, restoring the city’s bio-diversity, creating jobs, reducing inequality and more.

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Coming soon! The Hub designated space

A co-working space uniquely designed for this community and with their active involvement. A place to meet, develop and grow ideas, ventures and collaborations. A place with the right atmosphere, opportunities and fertile ground for the wonderful things that grow out of unmediated contact.

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