Weekend Riddle, 13.12.19

15 Dec

Weekend Riddle:

Narcissus tazetta flowers are blooming these days in the desert, near Dimona. How did this Mediterranean plant arrive to the desert? How does it survive there?


Riddle solution:

The Narcissus tazetta has always been there, a relic of a colder and rainier era. It survives in cracks of rock surfaces in the desert. The rain falling on all the rocks in the area flow and drain to these cracks, supplying enough water for the Narcissus.

In our garden, Narcissus tazetta is already blooming, and other Narcissus species will start blooming in the coming weeks. You are welcome to visit and enjoy them!

The weekend riddle is published in Facebook every Friday noon, the solution is published in Facebook on the following Sunday, together with the publication on this site.

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