Weekend Riddle, 16.8.19

18 Aug

Weekend Riddle:

what is in the picture? please explain!


Solution: in the picture there are leaves of the 3 common Pistacia species in Israel.
on the left – Pistacia atlantica with rounded leaflets, winged leaf-axis and usually an odd number of leaflets. Pistacia atlantica is a big deciduous tree.
In the middle – Pistacia terebinthus, with pointy leaflets, unwinged leaf-axis and usually an even number of leaflets. Pistacia terebinthus is deciduous small tree or big shrub.
on the right: Pistacia lentiscus, whose leaves are smaller, more rigid and with strong scent. the leaf-axis is winged. Pistacia lentiscus is an evergreen shrub.
you are welcome to see all of them in the Mediterranean section in the garden!

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